Where to breastfeed in Hong Kong

A Mamma with a hungry baby should breastfeed wherever she likes. But if you’re after a quiet or private space see the links below for some options.

Sassy Mamma Guide – Locations organised by region.

Chatty Brain – Locations organised by region. Includes pictures.

Geobaby – This has a nice PDF wich you can download and save on your phone.

Family Health Service – Government website. Lists facilities in Government premises.

Bbgaga – Locations organised by region.

Breastfeeding Mamma Station – Cantonese only

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.04.30 am

Photo source: Chatty Brain

Also, here is a list compiled by members of the “Hong Kong Breastfeeding – Women Only” FaceBook group.

  • Tseung Kwan O Popcorn Mall
  • New Town Plaza in Sha Tin
  • Elements’ nursing room

  • K11
  • Times Square on 13a – not sure if it’s accessible by lift but it’s one escalator ride up from the Cinema. 

  • Home Square in Sha Tin, however it is too small to fit in a push chair

  • Ground floor of Ocean Terminal

  • Silvercord Mall, there is a small nursing room on the ground floor.

  • Feeding rooms at Princes Building, Elements, Hysan Place, Stanley Plaza, Hong Kong Wetlands Park, Bumps to Babes, Peak Galleria, the Lee Gardens. 

  • 1st floor of East Point cCty (past taste near the toilets) in Hang Hau. 

  • Baby Mannings in Popcorn TKO. There are actually 3 nursing rooms in popcorn itself (not including Mannings).

  • Festival Walk Kowloon Tong.  

  • There’s also one in APM kwun tong

  • One in Domain Yau Tong.

  • Sunshine City in Ma on Shan has a sofa for breastfeeding in the baby changing room.

  • Tai Koo Mall, 3rd floor.

  • Megabox has nice baby rooms and Ikea in Megabox has baby rooms too.

  • APM in Kwun Tong.

  • Brim 28 also has a changing/feeding room.

  • Baby room in Apita. It’s in the baby section of the department store.

  • Always welcome to feed/change/use the loo/have a drink/cool off at Annerley if you’re out and about in Central.

  • Prince Building has rooms where you can change and feed on Level 3.

  • Shatin Ikea has a bed as well as room.

  • Hysan Place, maybe level 12 or something. Near the Modern Shanghainese Restaurant.






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