Breast pump purchase and rental

Most importantly – the amount you pump does NOT reflect the amount of milk your body produces! A baby that is properly latched and breastfeeding well is more efficient at withdrawing milk directly through breastfeeding than a pump is at extraction. That said, lots of mothers in Hong Kong choose to pump for one reason or another. […]

Doctors & Specialists that are breastfeeding friendly

Sometimes you encounter problems (like thrush or tongue tie) that can only be resolved with the help of a medical professional. Below are Doctors and Specialists that mothers have found to be pro-breastfeeding, support natural term breastfeeding, and/or are able to correctly diagnose and prescribe for breastfeeding problems. GP’s   Dr Brigitte Schlaiker OT&P Medical Practice […]

Breastfeeding Support in Hong Kong (Free)

Community Groups The following groups provide friendship and support for mothers breastfeeding in Hong Kong. La Leche League –LLL Hong Kong is part of La Leche League International, a nonprofit, nonsectarian organisation dedicated to providing support, encouragement and information to women who want to breastfeed. All women interested in breastfeeding are invited to attend FREE monthly meetings, […]

Where to breastfeed in Hong Kong

A Mamma with a hungry baby should breastfeed wherever she likes. But if you’re after a quiet or private space see the links below for some options. Sassy Mamma Guide – Locations organised by region. Chatty Brain – Locations organised by region. Includes pictures. Geobaby – This has a nice PDF wich you can download and save on […]

Laws about breastfeeding in Hong Kong

Unfortunately there are no laws in Hong Kong that protect the rights of breastfeeding Mammas in public spaces or in the workplace. However this doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to breastfeed in public – it just means that the HK Government hasn’t enacted any pro-breastfeeding laws (yet!).